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Phil The Tremolo King - A Man..A Mood..A Guitardotdot
artworkPhil The Tremolo King has created some very interesting sounds on this CD-R. From the perspective of lounge, this is enticing. Some of the instro work almost works as surf, and the all of it is interestingly arranged. Four instros and five vocals, "That Ol' Feelin'," "Summer In New Orleans," "Christmas Day," and "Build More Jails," all in a piano bar vein. If you're looking for rippin' surf,m this isn't it. On the other hand,m if you want to glide through a soft evening, you might consider A Man..A Mood..A Guitar.
Picks: Stir-crazy!, Blues For Laika, The Trap Pt. 2, Meditation

Track by Track Review

Stir-crazy! dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Stir-crazy!" is a cool fifties style instro, with a sultry sax and piano-guitar lead. It has the feel of the early surf instros, and the rockin' instros that came before, with R&B and other elements floating in and out. The guitar is pretty surfy, but lies too far down in the mix. This could be really cool if well recorded.

Blues For Laika dotdotdot
Hip Hop Space (Instrumental)

An eerie opus to the Soviet dog lost in space, with a strange lead that haunts and taunts of the outer reaches. Backed by a slow hip hop beat, "Blues For Laika" seems to straddle the streets and space. An interesting blend, and intriguing writing.

The Trap Pt. 2 dotdotdot
Beatnik Surf (Instrumental)

A Duane Eddy meets Warsaw guitar leads an MOR band arrangement of a cool instro. The feel of beatnik cool smooth combo jazz and a Mancini sound. Quite cool.

Meditation dotdotdot
Lush Jazz (Instrumental)

Antonio Carlos Jobim's cool "Meditation" finds a fluid home in this soft spoken jazzy semi-surfy interpretation. The arrangement is lush and becoming.