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Al Perry and the Cattle - Happy Accidentdotdotdot
artworkIt's hard not to like Al Perry and the Cattle, unless you just don't appreciate country from a surf punk perspective. If you liked The Ribeye Brothers or The Farlowe Brothers, and you don't mind humor in music, these guys will do the trick. A couple of semi-psych-surf instros add to the booty here.
Picks: El Dio, Penstemon, Gerbils, Lower Sonoran Desert

Track by Track Review

El Dio dotdotdotdot
Fuzz Surf (Instrumental)

Moody cowboy surf-n-fuzz with a grin. This hybrid instro is very cool, lotso fun, and very bouncy. By the time the jaws harp arrives, you're completely hooked.

Penstemon dotdotdot
Fuzzadelic (Instrumental)

"Penstemon" is a slow moody number with fuzz guitar cycling a revolving riff. While repetitious, it's nonetheless not at all boring. A little attitude and a scenic riff.

Gerbils dotdotdot
Fuzzadelic (Instrumental)

Feedback, fuzz, dirty sustain, and the drum cadence from "You're The Flake." "Gerbils" would be hypnotic if it were less abrasive. Circular, relentless, and short.

Lower Sonoran Desert dotdotdot
Fuzzadelic (Instrumental)

This isn't really on the album, but "Lower Sonoran Desert" is backtrack left, voice right, allowing an easy extraction to create a darn cool, relentless fuzz instro that's compelling and throbbingly hypnotic. Some really cool guitar dirt here.