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Patois - Patois [Elders c/w Observer]dotdotdot
Substantially outside the surf envelope, Patois use dub and lounge as springboards for spatial soundscapes. There seems to be some hint of the ocean in their work, which is why it's here.
Picks: Observer

Track by Track Review

Elders dotdotdot
Dub Lounge (Instrumental)

Grode, on the dark side, and steeped in bud from a lounge perspective. "Elders" is a haunting and very strange organ and bass centric number, with echo employed throughout.

Observer dotdotdot
Dub Lounge (Instrumental)

This is an engaging number with a carnival organ and slithery guitar. The notion of long slithery, almost psychedelic guitar in a loungy reggae format alone is enough to peak you curiosity.