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artworkCupertino's main export of California music, these ex-Cupertino High School chums have spent many years on the fairgrounds and corporate party circuit, and backing up Jan & Dean and others as well. They've also supplied soundtrack music for the made-for-TV movie Dead Man's Curve. When you play as many dates as these guys do, and in front of corporate parties, your delivery has to be flawless. That means not taking chances, but it also means perfect delivery, note for note. It also means gradually slipping into an MOR styling, and you know how I hate that sort of thing generally. However, there are occasions when talented playing transcends, and this is one of those occasions. This CD contains their only instro committed to CD (Pipeline exists on vinyl, but is now long out of print).
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Sleep Walk dotdotdot
Corporate Party Surf (Instrumental)

Very nice guitar work. This is among the better covers of this ancient Santo & Johnny tune.