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The Pajama Slave Dancers - Songs Without Wordsdotdotdot
artworkThe Pajama Slave Dancers spiked many of their 12 inch releases of the past decade with instrumental interludes. These side trips sported significant edge and power. This CD-R release from the band collects the voiceless tracks, refreshing the reason why I found them so interesting on those early releases. Chunk and power, long flowing feedback and whammy leads, and simple fluid writing. You can draw comparisons to Davie Allan and the Arrows here, both in melody and overall sound, yet it is also very much uniquely their own. Long sustain, liquid melodies, and intense guitaristry. A little gloomy, yet also optimistic.
Picks: Steve's Boogie, Lonely Wolf, Gunfight On Malibu Beach, Crustacean Vacation, Surfin' Sabbath, Pink Slips

Track by Track Review

Steve's Boogie dotdotdotdot
Bad Day Surf (Instrumental)

Right from the whammified feedback howl, you know this is gonna rip. Very powerful and intense, this post Link Wray styled track forces itself on you in no uncertain terms. It has a bad day at Mavericks kinda energy, where threat is part of the thrill. Ain't no boogie to it! Excellent.

Lonely Wolf dotdotdotdot
Bad Day Surf (Instrumental)

Dark and rough textured, featuring long feedback sustain and thick compressed fuzz, "Lonely Wolf" is melodic and nasty, and bigger than life. It has some of the feel of Davie Allan, but is very different in delivery and style.

Gunfight On Malibu Beach dotdotdotdot
Bad Day Surf (Instrumental)

This may be the most surfy thing here. It has a thick textured bad things happening at the beach kinda sound. Like a cross between Get Wet and the Bottle Ups, this is melodic and very intense.

Crustacean Vacation dotdotdot
Bad Day Surf (Instrumental)

More playful and bouncy, and much more riffy than the other tracks here, "Crustacean Vacation" seems to have a bit of a rockabilly edge, while using compressed sustain and fuzz. Pretty tuff track.

Surfin' Sabbath dotdotdotdot
Bad Day Surf (Instrumental)

As you might guess, Black Sabbath is the root of all evil here. Riffs from "Iron Man" permeate the track. Truly a fun way to pay respect to the fathers of ultra pompous metal, "Surfin' Sabbath" is just plain cool. Even the "Wipe Out" drums solos seem to fit right in. Yikes!

Pink Slips dotdotdot
Bad Day Surf (Instrumental)

Racing for "Pink Slips" is introduced with a distant cheesy organ playing "Sabre Dance." It eventually becomes an out of phase thin sounding raucous account of a day at the mall. Flying double picked thrashing guitar yields back to the mall organ exercise. Very odd, and quite fun.