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The Outbacks - S/Tdotdot
artworkThis demo shows promise, but the amateur sound does not compliment the inventive writing. The three vocals are on the lighter side, with a kind of eighties surf feel and a broad sense of humor. Straddling the fence between serious and fun, the songs hint at a very interesting band in the developmental stages. The last track is an instro, but with more jangle than surf. I think, once well recorded, the Outbacks could produce some cool releases.
Picks: Maverick's

Track by Track Review

Maverick's dotdot
Jangle (Instrumental)

This is a rhythmic jangly chord rock instro with an infectious rhythm and warm feel. The contrast between post psych jangle and coastal highway top down groove is very interesting. The recording sounds ambient, leaving the lead guitar is buried in the mix, and compromising the effectiveness of the track. I think it probably will be much better once properly recorded.