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l'Orchidee d'Hawai - Golddotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a sidetrip for sure! There is surf guitar here, and then there are a hundred other incongruous elements that merge into a wholly original and unique set of tracks. The vocals are quite cool, but it's the instros that rule!
Picks: Goroki Na Ka Gnocchi, 7:40

Track by Track Review

Goroki Na Ka Gnocchi dotdotdot
Juxtapositions Of incongruous Surf (Instrumental)

"Goroki Na Ka Gnocchi" is an unusual blend of exotic percussion, Syndrum weirdness, and go-go riffs. This is an exotic piece of music, and I don't mean that in the exotica sense. There are plenty of contradictory sounds here. The guitar occasionally sounds surfy too.

7:40 dotdotdotdot
Juxtapositions Of incongruous Surf (Instrumental)

Those classical pieces that exercise muted rapid notes and double picked surf guitar alternate in this strange and glorious instrumental. "7:40" is fast and entirely fun! You gotta hear this!