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The One Night Standards - Octanedotdotdot
artworkThis CD is a contradiction of some fine writing and aggressive playing that suffers from an unsympathetic mix with way too much track reverb. Don't let that scare you off. There are some great songs here. It's just that most could be a notch higher rated with a better mix. If there was ever a band that was going down the path that the Torpedoes were quite alone on, it would be the One Night Standards.
Picks: Mexican Standoff, Full Throttle, Weehawkin, My Zombie Romance, Five Of Five, Blue Ribbon, Tango, Insomnia, Dragline, For A Few Dollars More, Lethal Plus, Octane, Untitled

Track by Track Review

Mexican Standoff dotdotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

Big heavy over reverbed twango, with heavy punkoidal leanings and cowboy surf sounds. The pace is fast and furious, with a milder form of the kind of manic pace the Torpedoes used to set.

Full Throttle dotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

Dark and very heavy, "Full Throttle" is much like its title implies. There's speed and punk abuse, along with way too much reverb.

Weehawkin dotdotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

A long slow glissando peaks out of the murk to introduce a basic progressional piece that's more a fifties riff rocker than a surf instro. If Dick Dale was a fifties guy instead of a sixties guy, he might have sounded like this. The break is superb in its swimming wash if danger and ambiance. Intense and intriguing.

My Zombie Romance dotdotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

The melody to "My Zombie Romance" is soft and fluid, and ever so sadly romantic. It's not a quiet track, but it portrays a gentleness through volume. That's not a contradiction, just a description. Very nice track!

Five Of Five dotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

"Five Of Five" is dark and circular, like a spy lost in a fog knowing full well the end is near. Heavy sludgy super reverb distorto pummeling... or maybe it's just loud.

Blue Ribbon dotdotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

This is a nicely playful track that reminds me of the Surfabilly Orchestra at times. Cowboys play nice with the surf bunnies. Just very fun and enjoyable.

Tango dotdotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

A slow entre brings in muted chord dribbles and open chord drama, along with a Spanish feeling melody with an edge of sadness. With a little less murk in the mix, this would be a 5 star charmer.

Insomnia dotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

Floating on a sea of ever wakening kelp, "Insomnia" drifts like a sunset surf song. The melody is quite pretty.

Dragline dotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

Fast and furious, "Dragline" races for the risky moves just for the thrill. Nicely written, with a lot of splash and power.

For A Few Dollars More dotdotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

Enio Morricone's little ditty is very nicely done. It gradually builds drama and charm as it advances. The military beat and distortion add up to an interesting combination. Quite nice!

Lethal Plus dotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

"Lethal Plus" is a little manic, and pretty dark. It lacks direction, but attempts to make up for it in volume.

Octane dotdotdot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

This is a cow punk raucous rampage in the tradition of the Torpedoes. Not very melodic, but hard to ignore. Loud, fast, and pumped up. The stepped glissandoes before the break are quite cool.

Untitled dot
Cow Surf (Instrumental)

The final track is just a mosh if starts and stops and monkey business from a recording session.