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The O'Haras - Facile A Boiredotdotdotdot
artworkRelease number two from the one-of-a-kind O'Haras. More consistent, and on the hairy edge of unnerving, this adventure in mariachi surf is just what the doctor ordered. I want more.
Picks: A Taste Of Honey, Facile A Boire, On Her Majesties Secret Service, Good Herb This Year, Albert!, The Bullfight

Track by Track Review

A Taste Of Honey dotdotdot
Mariachi Surf (Instrumental)

Living somewhere between the California Cheese of the Tijuana Brass and the edge of the water, this chumpy track brings a grin, if not a gnarly tube ride. Pretty darn fun.

Facile A Boire dotdotdot
Mariachi Ska Surf (Instrumental)

A great ska beat and a mall organ dribble out this pretty tune. The track is oddly magnetic, especially given my general dislike for organ leads. The break sports a double picked dribble from the guitar that adds to the mystery. It's most unusual.

On Her Majesties Secret Service dotdotdot
Mariachi Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Grodie spy in the mariachi band surf, with low down slowly double picked guitar and an in-the-red sound. Whammy and menacing coolness. A very nice track.

Good Herb This Year, Albert! dotdotdotdot
Eerie Mariachi Surf (Instrumental)

Playing on the main melody from "It Was A Very Good Year" and the TJB connection, this marvelous track meanders through an eerie seascape where island breezes bring in strangers from the outland. Magnetically weird and wonderful.

The Bullfight dotdotdotdot
Mariachi Surf (Instrumental)

Big guitar crunch, double picked danger, and a straight surf beat... I expected some "Lonely Bull" references, but alas the closest they get is the mariachi horn break over a ska beat. This is really a cool track, with a rich strangeness and growl about it. Extra swell!