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Roland Nordin - Guitar Woogiedotdotdot
artworkThis is a demo from Roland Nordin of Sweden's legendary Boots. It compiles songs written but not recorded over the last 30+ years. Mostly in the general style of the Shadows, this demo CD-R shows excellent writing and musicianship, much of which is of film score caliber, being scenic and slightly moody. The title was Diverse Egna Hemstudio Demos, but was simplified to Guitar Woogie.
Picks: Guitar Woogie, Nice and Easy, Sonic Blue, Picknick, Vintage Cirkus, Nidron, Volga, Bootshadow, Hello Mr. Marvin, Backtrack

Track by Track Review

Guitar Woogie dotdotdot
Shadows Style (Instrumental)

As the title implies, "Guitar Woogie" is a jazzy guitar boogie woogie, with a friendly little riff. Within the limitations of the boogie framework, Roland Nordin meanders with feeling and a smooth delivery. Bouncy and fun.

Nice and Easy dotdotdot
Shadows Style MOR (Instrumental)

Free floating relaxed and warm, "Nice and Easy" is aptly named. A pretty melody drifts across an afternoon like a memory of a picnic past. It has an almost soundtrack feel to it.

Sonic Blue dotdotdot
Shadows Style Country Blues (Instrumental)

"Sonic Blue" is in a bouncy country blues vein, with a carefree warmth and a liquid groove. It could easily be morphed into a Sandals style surf instro. While it's light, it's not fluffy, but rather smooth and effortless, like an Sunday afternoon drive to nowhere in particular.

Picknick dotdotdot
Shadows Style (Instrumental)

This is a remake of an instro the Boots released as a single in the sixties. While non intrusive, "Picknick" is not lacking in friendly invitation. A pleasant journey.

Vintage Cirkus dotdotdotdot
Shadows Style (Instrumental)

More surfable than other here, "Vintage Cirkus" presents a watery image and a structure that's on the edges of surf. The melody riff is great. It's the kind of riff that sticks in your mind whether you want it to or not.

Nidron dotdotdot
Shadows Style (Instrumental)

What's in a name? Hank Marvin dubbed one of his tunes "Nivram" (Marvin backwards). That's what Roland Nordin has done here. This floating breeze of an evening song is lush, pretty, and relaxing.

Volga dotdotdot
Shadows Style (Instrumental)

This is another reworking of a tune the Boots released in the sixties. The melody riff is a little unusual, yet pretty friendly. Optimistic and light, "Volga" hints at the river's relentless flow, while avoiding the usual cultural references. Quite pretty.

Bootshadow dotdotdot
Shadows Style (Instrumental)

A cool ska back beat makes "Bootshadow" more bouncy and fun. The melody is a playful thing, with a warm forward looking feel.

Hello Mr. Marvin dotdotdot
Shadows Style (Instrumental)

A nod to the prime influence of so many European guitarists... respectful and fluid, with the right shallow tremolo and compressed twang. The melody is slightly Italian feeling. Quite pretty.

Backtrack dotdotdot
Shadows Style (Instrumental)

A bit of a spy or detective feel here, with a relatively free spirited bent. It reminds me a little bit of Perry Mason or something. Nice track.