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The Night Riders - Introducing The Night Ridersdot
artworkAnother strange re-issue on Collectibles, from a small-potatoes garage band of the sixties. There are a couple of instros amidst the usual covers required of mid-American bar bands. Mostly songs like "Long Tall Texan," "Louie Louie," "Double Shot," and "Twist & Shout" fill the disc. The band was comprised of sixteen year olds that played like they were ten years old. The drummer has the worst meter I've heard on record. They were probably from the Winston-Salem area of NorthCarolina where the Justin Records label was from.
Picks: Midnight Ride, Night Train, Journey To The Stars

Track by Track Review

Midnight Ride dot
Rock (Instrumental)

This slow surf number suffers from the guitar buried in the mix, and a drummer that's never seen a metronome. His lack of meter affects the entire performance, which is equally lackluster. It's almost as if they were each playing different pieces, that is to say that there's no sense of ensemble here at all.

Night Train dot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is the first time I've heard this song played this lamely. Cheesy organ, mechanical sax, and dreadful arranging. James Brown would kak!

Journey To The Stars dot
Rock (Instrumental)

Organ focus, with the guitar providing none of the lead melody. It's like they must have learned it from only one channel of the Ventures' album. No lead guitar, no thunder, and totally amateur. Very strange indeed.