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The New Arrivals - Finallydotdotdot
artworkFrom San Jose back in the days when there was actually a San Jose scene, the Preps / New Arrivals were contemporaries to the Syndicate of Sound, the Count V, the Chocolate Watchband, the Other Side, the Van Slyke, and so many more. This is a pretty darn good set from one of the best pop bands of the day. Solid covers and nicely written originals. They issued a handful of singles under both names before disbanding at the hands of the newly unleashed psych sounds. They recorded with the legendary Leo de gar Kulka at Golden State Recorders, where a number of instros were captured. This set includes just one of them, Goldfinger.
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Goldfinger dotdotdot
Spy (Instrumental)

Near surf guitar from Bill Smith is buried low in the mix, but nonetheless leads John Barry's spy theme admirably. The arrangement is fairly typical, though the Rob Robitaille's signature marimba sets it apart. It's not a power version per say, but is nicely very done. Too much bass and not enough lead presence mar an otherwise fine version of "Goldfinger."