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Sandy Nelson - Witch Hunt c/w Hunk Of Drumsdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is the reissue of Sandy Nelson's "A Drum Is A Woman" single. The tale of the transformation of the title is a sad commentary on do-gooders run amok.
Picks: Witch Hunt, Hunk Of Drums

Track by Track Review

Witch Hunt dotdotdotdot
Drum Rock (Instrumental)

This is a funny sorta song, with a playful edgy guitar line, and a relentless funky percussion and bass groove. Lead guitar on the track is played by Dennis Edmunton, the original lead guitarist with Canada's legendary Sparrow. Dennis left Sparrow over band direction disputes after they became Steppenwolf. You may better know him as Mars Bonfire, the writer of "Born To Be Wild."

"A Drum Is A Woman" was pulled and reissued as "Witch Hunt" following protests from Southern California women's groups, who were offended because the title suggested beating women like a drum. Ironically, Sandy Nelson meant nothing of the sort. He meant by the title that drums should be treated with the same reverence and respect that women should be. He was dumbfounded by the furor, and reacted by retitling it accordingly.

The reissue features a distant guitar note and a Wolfman Jack voice (Frank Beeson) crying "Witch Hunt" dubbed over the opening in a kind of political statement about the attack its name had incurred. This was co-written by Mars Bonfire and producer Frank Beeson.

Hunk Of Drums dotdotdot
Studio Rock (Instrumental)

"Hunk Of Drums" a sensually rhythmic meandering through Sandy Nelson classics "Teen Beat," "Drums Are My Beat," "Let There Be Drums," "Drums A Go-Go," and "Wipe Out." The medley is fun, but not terribly inspired.