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Shigeo Naka - Plays Paul Mauriatdotdotdotdot
artworkShigeo Naka is the leader-lead guitarist of the Surf Coasters. His prowess is unquestioned. His interest in merging unusual influences and sounds into surf did not start here. The marvelous Surfdelicious CD sports remixes in industrial dance arrangements of Surf Coasters tracks. Several strange left turns exist on their albums. Here, he goes the full step into the vast wasteland that is sixties MOR by deciding to cover Paul Mauriat with no shortage of irreverent reinterpretation. It's an adventure for the brave of heart and strong of humor. 'Love Is Blue' is a magnificent track. At close to $30 bucks imported, and only 5 tracks (27+ minutes), one needs to be a die hard fan, but for us, this will surely bring a grin.
Picks: Unidentified 1, Unidentified 2, Unidentified 3, Unidentified 4, Love Is Blue

Track by Track Review

Unidentified 1 dotdotdot
Industrial Strength MOR Surf (Instrumental)

This is a very strange extended funky jam, melodic and fluid, yet weirdly commercial and demented. I can't place the title (the sleeve doesn't say, and the disc is printed in Japanese).

Unidentified 2 dotdotdot
Industrial Strength MOR Surf (Instrumental)

The "Magnificent Seven" percussion underlay this fluid melody, again just out of memory's reach and in Japanese on the disc. It's a playful almost loungy interpretation, with Latin influences and playful interludes.

Unidentified 3 dotdotdot
Industrial Strength MOR Surf (Instrumental)

This exercise in Salsa percussion and precision plucking seems not just reinterpreted, but also way off Shigeo Naka's usual pathway, like an MOR journey into a rockin' elevator. Very strange, with an uneasy magnetism.

Unidentified 4 dotdotdot
Industrial Strength MOR Surf (Instrumental)

"Walk Don't Run" Drums, dry glissandoes, falling "ah" chants, and very nice guitar work. Industrial strength MOR surf for the nut house.

Love Is Blue dotdotdotdot
Industrial Strength MOR Surf (Instrumental)

This is the highlight of the disc. It's double picked guitar lines and spunky beat make it very infectious. Fluid, humorous, and beyond friendly. It's both a strange trip in an elevator and a ride on a mall wave. You can want to hate it all you want, but it just sneaks in anyway. Delightful!