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The Mysterions (unknown bay area band) - Rehearsaldotdotdot
artworkThis came as quite a surprise. I was doing my show on KFJC when a staffer comes in and asks if I could identify a surf instro for him. I went into lower production where he had a reel of tape queued up. I had never heard the band or the song before. He showed me the Shamrock tape box the reel came from, explaining one of his friends gave it to him in a box of old tapes from who knows where.

At this point, the assumption is that this is a stereo home recording of a rehearsal by a Bay Area surfband. The box is marked Marco Pollo Original Tape, Reel I Music Score & Dialogue and dated 2-16-63. It's likely that this recording was recorded over the original material. It's not likely the band's name was Marco Pollo. The tone and the rhythm patterns and beat suggest the recording is likely circa 1966. Each track is partial, and most of the tape had been erased, though ghosts of other instros can barely be heard through the hiss. I reconstructed this track from the two surviving tracks.

Anyway, it's an historical document of unknown origin, so naturally it requires reviewing. I guess this is about as obscure as surf music can get.

An interesting footnote: The reel includes a partial recording of communications between NASA and astronauts from an unidentified mission!
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Misterioso (unknown title) dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a rhythmic track with an infectious rhythm similar to the way Dead Men Don't Surf do "Pushin' Too Hard." The melody riff is interesting and the splashy chords are cool. A couple of the guitar lines are like something right out of Frumious Bandersnatch. Pure trad tone, but with a beat and rhythm that suggest 1966. Very interesting track.