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The Dave Myers Effect - Escapedotdotdot
artworkTwo unremarkable tracks from the once mighty Dave Myers. The surf is left behind in favor of riff rockin' go-go structures, fuzz, organ, and hot rod sound effects.
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Track by Track Review

Speed International dotdot
Organ Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

Hot rod sounds, organ leads, it's all too Hollywood wanna be Jimmy Smith but can only muster Lawrence Welk. I'm a major Dave Myers fan. His Surftones work was killer. His work afterwards in Dave Myers & his Disciples was grand garage punk. So, when I heard that these tracks were finally surfacing, I was stoked. Upon hearing them, well, suffice it to say I'm bummed!

Checkered Flag dotdotdot
Surf Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Gritty fuzz and combo organ deliver a go-go melody riff over walking bass. "Checkered Flag" isn't melodic as it's in the sixties go-go vein where the riff was all that was necessary. Still, there are some cool sounds from the two guitars, and the bass plays some glissandos while the racers pass across the speakers.