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The Mutants - Death Cultdotdotdot
artworkThis is not a surf CD, but I have long liked the Mutants' original blend of sounds. Once again they have created a new variation on their
Picks: Welcome To Death Cult, Port - Au - Prince, Heavy Caramba!, Cops In Heat, Iron Jamaica, Mutants Death Cult, Serious Mojo, Jun' Gala, White Trash Trouble Man, The Ghost Of Meadow Hill

Track by Track Review

Welcome To Death Cult dotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

This is a 30 second introductory scene designed to set up the mood.

Port - Au - Prince dotdotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

A large and engaging fuzz chord progression brings on a heavy track with exotic percussion that's like a cross between voodoo and metal. Dark and commanding, with lots of spunk and textural variation. Very cool.

Heavy Caramba! dotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

On the edge of surf with heavy darkness and a great rhythm, "Heavy Caramba!" is spooky and enticing at the same time. Haunted keys, engaging textures, and menacing thunder.

Cops In Heat dotdotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

"Cops In Heat" hints of "Funky Fidel" in some ways, though it's surely not that thick and rhythmic. Funky, fun, yet dark and moody.

Iron Jamaica dotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

No, it's not metal reggae... "Iron Jamaica" is a rock song with an early Santana sound less the Latin influences. It's an interesting mix of styles - sort of a small combo piece with swirling psycho degeneration.

Mutants Death Cult dotdotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

You might imagine the Mutants passing out Cool-Aid for the short-livers, but you'd miss the throbbing tremolo and the haunting soundscape. Psychedelic, exotic, and pretty damn scary!

Serious Mojo dotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

Another track that reminds me of early Santana in concert less the liquid Latin soul, but still tribal. Quite a large sound.

Jun' Gala dotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

Large guitar sustain and rock hall beat with an early seventies progressive rock or maybe Krautrock sensibility. Feedback and a circular riff. This grows on you.

White Trash Trouble Man dotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

Like a swamp thing coming for your girlfriend while you're out getting a refill on that popcorn, "White Trash Trouble Man" is about big drama and fear. A very cool rhythm guitar, long sustained edge, exotic percussion, and atmospheric keys and horns. Like a soundtrack to a film, this is way cool!

The Ghost Of Meadow Hill dotdotdot
Metal Exotica (Instrumental)

"The Ghost Of Meadow Hill" haunts the halls where the band rehearses, or so it would seem. This is a gentle track with a jazzy edge and very comfortable progressive sound, maybe a little like a blend of Gabor Szabo, Harvey Mandel, and Epitaph. This track has a very rude narrative.