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The Mutants - Voodoo Bluesdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a prerelease dopy of Voodoo Blues, slated for release in mid October. As always, the Mutants have a wholly unique sound, thick and tribal and like a blend of heavy American funk and surf. Not at all what you'd lump into the surf genre, yet some tracks are clearly from that humble beginning. Great stuff!
Picks: Caligula, High Ride, Voodoo Blues, Sin Hipster, Lumbago, Stampede Caravan, Southern Far Out, Papa Simba, Move Along!

Track by Track Review

Caligula dotdotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

This is a tuff rhythmic track that rises through great drums and harsh chunk chords. To say "Caligula" is thick is an understatement. If surf was invented in a heavy industrial zone instead of California garages, it might have sounded like this. It's an intriguing song with lots of power.

High Ride dotdotdot
Industrial Funk (Instrumental)

A little funk wah wah, a couple of obscenities, and you begin to get the feeling that Shaft is buying a boogie board. Saucy and funky, heavy and thematic, and almost orchestral. "High Ride" is a powerful instro.

Voodoo Blues dotdotdotdot
Industrial Soul (Instrumental)

making the blues seem almost irrelevant, "Voodoo Blues" relies heavily on great percussion and a haunting sound that reminds me somewhat of David Axelrod's "The Auction." Rhythmic and tribal, writhing with sultry seduction and mystery.

Sin Hipster dotdotdotdot
Industrial Funk (Instrumental)

"Sin Hipster" climbs slowly out of the basement like a funeral snaking its way through winding streets. Then, the drums take command, changing the whole effect. Many changes here, including moody soulful grooves and sultry grit. I like this a lot.

Lumbago dotdotdotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

Great shimmering vibrato guitar and throbbing bass portray a sullen mood. Haunting and daunting, "Lumbago" is both pretty and unsettling, like the feeling you get in the back of your neck when you know you're in danger, but you don't know why or from what. Spooky and attractive!

Stampede Caravan dotdotdot
Industrial Squonk (Instrumental)

Raw honkin' sax, trompin' chords, stretched guitar lines howling, and an ugly rhythm that commands attention. Dark and menacing, yet alluring.

Southern Far Out dotdotdot
Industrial Surf (Instrumental)

"Southern Far Out" shimmers with shallow vibrato and haunting atmospherics. Slow exotic percussion, a moody guitar melody delivered on surfable guitar on the left and fuzzed sustained guitar on the right. Delicate and dramatic, hinting of seventies Euro prog and sixties post surf psychedelia. A great track for a sullen mood.

Papa Simba dotdotdot
Industrial Funk (Instrumental)

Thick almost Zappa-esque squonk and stomp. Wah wah guitar and sax drive a lusty riff through long passages of torment and intrigue reminiscent of Quincy Jones or Isaac Hayes.

Move Along! dotdotdotdot
Industrial Tribal Metal (Instrumental)

Great drums launch "Move Along!." Long metal stereo chords, tribal thunder, and thick production. This is a powerful track that demands attention. Very heavy and brutal, but not at all thrashy. Wow!