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The Mutants - Timba Am Gaya c/w Lai-Thongdotdotdotdot
artworkOnce more, the Mutants mutate to a new sound. Thick sub exotica moodiness seems to infect you with some tropical disease.
Picks: Timba Am Gaya, Lai-Thong

Track by Track Review

Timba Am Gaya dotdotdotdot
Tropical Inversion (Instrumental)

Vibrato throb shimmers the moodiness of "Timba Am Gaya" with exotica tropical inversions. More or less a riffy progression, yet very cool! It's dramatic and dangerous, and full of film score bigness. Raspy horns, splashy guitar, and tropical percussion, all in a mean lumbering setting.

Lai-Thong dotdotdotdot
Tropical Danger (Instrumental)

The Theremin rises ahead of tweaky pings and electro noises before the tropical percussion and rhythmic circulation of the riff comes through. Haunting and moody, traveling and limber, "Lai-Thong" is oddly attractive despite the lack of melody.