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The Mutants - Le Mutant b/w Indiansdotdotdotdot
artworkThe Mutants attack spaghetti westerns with the same power and vision that they pummeled disco Fidel. A great single with power and magnetic attractiveness. relentless and thundering.
Picks: Le Mutant, Indians

Track by Track Review

Le Mutant dotdotdotdot
Tribal Spaghetti (Instrumental)

Mariachi horns, big spaghetti western guitar, tribal drums, grumbling bass... what a solid single. Verging on surf, pummeling cowboys, and reinventing percussion for a cannibal picnic. Very cool, melodic, and dangerous.

Indians dotdotdotdot
Tribal Spaghetti (Instrumental)

An Indian tribal beat and war whoops, electro wind blowing across the plain, heavy thundering bass, and a rolling melody riff with long slow whammy. This is quite a dramatic track, with a rock solid attraction and power.