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Muse - Knights Of Cydonia
artworkThis might seem an unlikely release to review, and indeed I came by it serendipitously at best. Yet, nestled in among the psychedelic swirl of cartoon Yes pomposity and metal darkness that are Muse are surf guitar runs, double pick mayhem, and glissandos. The title track is not an instro, but in quest for the unusual surf, I did an instro edit that's really quite stunning. It's that reduction that is reviewed here. Any of you know this band, you might suggest that they chase out the vocalist occasionally to allow the rippin' aquatic riffs to dominate the heavy rhythms and power.
Picks: Knights Of Cydonia

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Knights Of Cydonia
Surf Rock (Instrumental)

Amid horses whinnying and sirens wailing, a chorus pompously rises and faux drama sets in. Then, without warning, a mighty guitar glissando galloping rhythm ensues. The keyboard melody is dangerous and interesting despite the mostly gimmicky way the elements mix. Double picked surf guitar runs amok while metal pomp and menacing abound. My guess is that Muse could due some really power surf based instrumental work if they so chose.