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The Munsters - The Munstersdotdot
artworkMostly, his is just the sort of gimmicky nonsense it looks like, but there is one very nice surf instro here.
Picks: Eerie Beach

Track by Track Review

Vampire Vamp dotdot
Studio Rock (Instrumental)

This is a low brow sleazer hoping for a cat walk to save its life, but alas, it's not to be. Thin sound and derivative writing and playing.

Eerie Beach dotdotdot
Surf Exotica (Instrumental)

The ocean laps at the shore, owls call, and exotic birds add ambiance to this slow stomp. Surf guitar shimmers with tremolo while tom toms play an exotic beat. This is really pretty nice, especially given the rest of the album's gimmick nature!

Down in the Basement dotdotdot
Studio Rock (Instrumental)

A creaking door brings on a studio jam with guitar and organ. This would languish in the so-what pile except for the bass and drums, which are very cool. A few double picked lines, and a sense that Steve Douglas is on sax and Hal Blaine is one the kit keep this interesting.