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Elton Motello - Victim Of Timedotdotdot
artworkCanadian time-warp punkaroonie from a man whose pants are too short. Elton Motello is backed by Nobby Goff - drums, Peter Goff - guitar, and Willie Change (great name) - bass. The sounds are principally Twink / New York Dolls / Johnny Thunders leaning. The album was issued in 1979 from '77 and '78 masters. The lone instro here is a cover of the Chantays' "Pipeline."
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Pipeline dotdotdot
Seventies Punkoidal Surf (Instrumental)

A near-exact copy of the Johnny Thunders version from So Alone, this is punky, thumpy, and chunky. Rhythmic chops, late seventies punk guitar tone, and intense thrash. The flute (keyboards?) break is a nice diversion from this otherwise derivative track.