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Bob Moore and his Orchestra - Play 'Mexico'dot
artworkGet ready to be scared - very scared! Bob Moore's "Mexico" was so cool that even Dick Dale covered it, and Eddie Bertrand was inspired to write "Border Town." It's mariachi stylings were half way between the Tijuana Brass and surf. Well, there are one or two others loosely in that vein, but the rest of this is pure studio nonsense.

Bob Moore was a studio lizard. His work is heard on many singles, including under his own name, such as Bob Moore and the Temps' "Trophy Run." As a session bassist and guitar player, be played on hits by Billy Grammer, Red Foley, the Velvets, Roy Orbison, Connie Francis, and Brenda Lee. He also worked with Elvis Presley and on the soundtracks to Adventures in Paradise and My Three Sons. He even played bass at some of Moby Grape's sessions, and appears on disc with Bob Dylan and many others.
Picks: Mexico, South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way), La Paloma, Cielito Lindo, Nuevo Laredo, My Adobe Hacienda, El Picador, Ninita Linda, Blue Tango, Corazon D'oro (Heart Of Gold), Mexicali Rose, Vaya Con Dios, (Theme From) My Three Sons, Hot Spot, Autumn Souvenirs (The Four Seasons), Flowers Of Florence, Cologne, Hooten Trumpet

Track by Track Review

Mexico dotdotdotdot
Near Surf (Instrumental)

This excellent single was modeled after the success of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass, and was covered by Dick Dale on his King Of The Surf Guitar album and morphed slightly into 'Border Town" by Eddie & the Showmen. It's an excellent single, a commercial cross between the TJB and the east LA Mexican surf 'n' soul sound. Issued in 1961.

South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way) dotdot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

This would be cool if not for the sappy strings. Excellent horns play the classic melody, and the acoustic guitar plays the break so sweetly.

La Paloma dotdotdot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

Touristy Mexican mariachi music. Very pretty, and perhaps second-best track on the album. Great horns and a satisfactory arrangement that's limited to the mariachi horns, bass, drums, acoustic guitar, and vibraphone. Then, the strings come in at the break and mess up the mood.

Cielito Lindo dot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

Slushi strings and faux Mexican beat... it's too elevator!

Nuevo Laredo dotdot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

More slush from the mind of travelogues and NPR. Just no soul.

My Adobe Hacienda dotdotdot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

This is a more interesting track, with a better pace and beat, and more authentic horns. The strings are subdued enough that you can pretend they aren't there. The melody is surfable as well, so one of you reverb heads should try it on with vibrato guitar.

El Picador dotdotdot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

With an "El Toro" military beat, "El Picador" is a saucy track with lots of bounce and an intriguing sound, at least until the strings ruin it.

Ninita Linda dotdot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

This is a Bob Moore original. It's a summer afternoon siesta tune. The horns are way better than the rest of the track, which is essentially tourist hotel fare.

Blue Tango
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

Strings!!! Jeez, it's like Percy Faith in Tijuana!

Corazon D'oro (Heart Of Gold) dot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

Soft and slow, strings and horns, and gentle sounds. Totally soundtrack!

Mexicali Rose dotdot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

Not too far from the stages at the tourist cantinas you'll find this sound. The strings suck the life out of it, but it's still pretty fun.

Vaya Con Dios dot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

Soft and slushy, like virtually every other version of this tune issued in the US.

(Theme From) My Three Sons
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

Not the original take for TV, but the same tune. Jeepers, what fluff! It even features a chorus right out of bad Euro films of the sixties.

Hot Spot
Pure MOR (Instrumental)

This track is nothing like its B-side "Mexico." A boy chorus goes "do-do-dit-do-do-do" as if they are approaching full britches, and the fingers snap smartly while the listener snores. Awful!

Autumn Souvenirs (The Four Seasons)
Pure MOR (Instrumental)

Oh, my... Dramamine please! Not even cool from the perspective of bachelor pads and lonely housewives.

Flowers Of Florence dot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

Another nondescript track with a bit of Mexican flavor and too much elevator noise.

Cologne dot
Mexican Studio (Instrumental)

You may think Italy, but it's Mexico... Too poppy to be credible.

Hooten Trumpet dot
Studio Hoedown (Instrumental)

A cool slapped upright bass is the only thing here worth notice. Otherwise, it's like a transformed hoedown.