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Moon's Trip - Thes Castledotdotdot
artworkThese two tracks from Croatia's Moon's Trip are crudely mixed, but show a young band with some promise. Better sound and production values would likely make these shine. Solid writing and playing.
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Track by Track Review

Frontier dotdotdot
Lo-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

This slow moving piece has a cool melody and portrays a spooky scene. Very dramatic. "Frontier" needs to be recorded well. The band's performance and the song's writing is not lived up to by the recording and mixdown. It's very spatial number with way too much track-wide digital reverb, and the drums are too hot. Lot's of potential, but misses the mark.

Quick! Into The Surfmobile! dotdotdot
Lo-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

While this is more or less a riff based song, it's much more than that implies. The limited frequency response doesn't hide the track's cool arranging or writing, but the mix is just barely complimentary. Could become a really cool song!