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Keith Moon - Two Sides Of The Moondotdotdotdot
artworkThis is one of those bizarre moments that further cements a false bit of information. It is widely believed that Keith Moon was in a surf band before joining the Who. Actually, he wasn't. He was in an instro band called the Beachcombers and they issued a Piltdown Men-like tune called "Mad Goose" and one called "Son Of Piltdown." In the UK and parts of the US, if there's no vocals, some folks think that's surf. It's just not so. That doesn't mean that they didn't think of themselves as a surf band, but they weren't even close to the Shadows, let alone surf. Anyway, this is a vocal cover of Ricky Nelson's hit "Teenage Idol." So, why do you care? Because "Teenage Idol" features Dick Dale on lead guitar, using his "Sloop John B." licks. It's really cool to hear.
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Teenage Idol dotdotdotdot
Teen Idol Surf (Vocal)

This track features Dick Dale on lead guitar, using his "Sloop John B" licks. It's trad teen idol stuff with the DD man playin' his ax.