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Monster Pete and the Chiefs - Too Zulu For Your Own Good - Rough Mixesdotdotdotdot
artworkThese lads are serious musically, and educationally as well. With "Monster" Pete Micek off at college, it's tough to get together to play and record, but sopmehow they manage. Monster Pete and the Chiefs are working on their second album title Too Zulu For Your Own Good. These tracks are an early glimpse at what's coming. they are not mixed, just streamed onto a CD-R for show and tell. Look for the album around summer time.
Picks: Rockabilly Song (no title yet), If Tom Were Pete, Yo Mama, Open The Window (You Might See Stars), Latin Song (no title yet), Naked On 12th Street, Free James

Track by Track Review

Rockabilly Song (no title yet) dotdotdotdot
Surfabilly (Instrumental)

Speed picking, dramatic power punk drums, and a thrashing the likes of which you'll not soon recover from. Ultra aggressive... until it drops into a Blues Project kinda psycho-jam and a lowbrow chant. Very fun, and dripping with a maniacal drive. Not melodic exactly, but hyper powered with infectious rhythm.

If Tom Were Pete dotdotdotdot
Art Surf (Instrumental)

Like the title says... role reversal is afoot in this dissonant, somewhat uneasy track. The dramatic drums with the trailing echo, the arty angular guitar lines, the Zappa esq writing, and the structural flair of the piece all add up to an ethereal instrumental experience. The end builds to a full driven riff before dropping into an exotic bongo laden acoustic frill. Very unusual.

Yo Mama dotdotdotdot
Dissonant Beefheart (Instrumental)

With a squealing Beefheartian feel, this angular and churning piece sports a repeated and tortured "oh no" over a relentless bluesy mental relapse. Intense and moody, like an Edgar Broughton Band epic. Very cool!

Open The Window (You Might See Stars) dotdotdotdot
Post Punk Bebop (Instrumental)

Slightly carnival, somewhat breezy, angular and intentional, "Open The Window (You Might See Stars)" is disturbing, like a next generation fusion from a post punk bebop vantage point. A few lyrics chanted in a lowbrow style make this even more a midway spectacle. Bizarre, yet somehow familiar, like a dream I once had.

Latin Song (no title yet) dotdotdotdot
Salsa Marching Band (Instrumental)

Very cool and salsa influenced, with great marching band horns, infectious rhythms, and grins all around. The relentless joy and exuberance of this track are it's hallmarks. It rolls down the road on the way to a fiesta. Remarkable. Again displaying the band's flexibility.

Naked On 12th Street dotdotdotdot
Deserted City Surf (Instrumental)

With a sirens song, Monster Pete and the Chiefs float through a gorgeous and moody piece. The melody is picturesque, the tone slightly sad in a deserted city kinda way. This tune will endure the test of time. It's arty, yet very human. Its quirkiness is restrained, while its imagery and power are obvious and effective. Dramatic, emotional, sensitive, and magical.

Free James dotdotdotdot
Salsa Marching Band (Instrumental)

Angular, dramatic, playful, and intense. The drums dominate with a military frenzy, the guitars display almost Venetian scenery. There's a film score quality to this, yet also a sense of silliness. Excellent.