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The Monks - Bad Habitsdotdot
This 1979 album on the prog label Harvest is an odd mix of so-so pub rock and one surfy spacy guitar instro.
Picks: Sky Lab

Track by Track Review

Sky Lab dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

The majority of this song is a highly repetitious riff that's not particularly interesting. Every section is the same as the last, going on and on endlessly. The breaks are very cool, aside from "Sky Lab" spoken as they begins. There are many of them, and they are all the same. This song could have been constructed from one main riff verse and one break duplicated as desired to go from a minute or so to the 4:27 length of the track. A good idea that lasts too long, but is easily good obscure cover fodder at the hands of an inventive surfband that can create an interesting and varied arrangement.