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The Monarchs - Friday Night c/w El Banditodotdotdot
artworkThis classic 1963 instro single is on the fringe of surf, but not really in the genre. The A and B sides are quite dissimilar, sounding like they were recorded in different sessions, probably different studios, and maybe even by different bands. Some musicologists link them with The Monarchs IV.
Picks: Friday Night, El Bandito

Track by Track Review

Friday Night dotdotdot
Strip Rock (Instrumental)

This is a great instro, even if it is mostly just a riff. It came out towards the end of the surf scene, and in some ways can be lumped in with the surf singles. The guitar tome is rounder and less reverby, but the idea is not unlike some of the surf tunes that came before it. Excellent guitar sustain, and cool restrained percussion. I've like this single since first hearing in KRLA or KFWB.

El Bandito dotdotdot
Strip Rock (Instrumental)

This is a fine little Mexican stereo type instro, with a great simple rhythm and classic Latin melody. The simplicity and stylistically right-on arrangement work to create an inviting sound. There's nothing really special bout this, but it's definitely cool.