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Mr. Gasser and the Weirdos - Rods 'n' Ratfinksdotdot
artworkThis LP includes 3 instros on the strange side of the aisle. Mostly dismissible studio mung.
Picks: Hey, Ratfink, Waltz Of The Ratfinks, Fink Rod 409

Track by Track Review

Hey, Ratfink dotdot
Fuzz (Instrumental)

Fuzzy riff rock, with Hal Blaine drums and a jammin' guitar. Not melodic, just studio stuff.

Waltz Of The Ratfinks dotdotdot
Weird Waltz (Instrumental)

Yup, its' a waltz, a polka for the disturbed. Strange tones, hokey pomp, and fun strangitude.

Fink Rod 409 dotdotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

This almost cross into cool territory. Delicate damped guitar, excellent drums, and lots of changes. It just lacks melody.