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Mr. Atom and his Protons - Mr. Atom Saves The Worlddotdotdot
artworkThe organ is a major part of what happens with Mr. Atom and his Protons, and it creates a curious mix of cheesy small combo lounge and credible surf. This is an entire original sound, blending cheesy organ and surf in a unique, almost carnival midway style that you really have to try to dislike. Unpretentious and totally entertaining, this is a very cool instrumental release.
Picks: When RNA Becomes DNA, Cecilia Ann, Hot Rod, Everybody Up, Skawabonga, Pipeline, Surf Fiction, Waltz-O-Verb, The Death Of Mr. Atom

Track by Track Review

When RNA Becomes DNA dotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

Dribbly double picked guitar and trashy organ cheese up the beach with a little too much organ and not enough guitar, and what is mostly riff-surf. Lots of fun, but not very melodic. The break is slow and silky in a most pleasing way.

Cecilia Ann dotdotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

The Surftones' "Cecilia Ann" gets the surf treatment, unlike most covers that emulate the Pixies punk fuzz edge. Pretty respectful, and nicely arranged. The keys add an interesting edge, even when carrying the melody. Nice track.

Hot Rod dotdotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

Slow silky whammy chords moodily lay out the scene for a cool melody line carried by the organ. I sorts didn't want to like this, but it really grew on my. Innocent and very fun.

Everybody Up dotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

Randy Holden's amazing "Everybody Up" gets a thrashing surf guitar treatment with an organ duet that seems to change the whole focus. Nifty, and unusual, especially the odd bridge.

Skawabonga dotdotdotdot
Ska (Instrumental)

Yikes, this is really cool. Not very surfy, but the ska beat beat and guitar, and the fine organ melody are very infectious. You can protest all you want, but like a well crafted commercial, you'll go away humming this one.

Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

Sludgy slow motion waves break across a mythical reef. The breaks are at the usual speed, but the main melody is so-o-o slow and smooth, giving the keys a chance to provide some cheese for the wiz-bang surf tone. An original arrangement for sure.

Surf Fiction dotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

Makin' up stories of watery conquest and small combo adventure, this playful track prances in your daydreams, and is made more exciting by the theremin wails. Darn fun stuff.

Waltz-O-Verb dotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

Yup, it's just what you might think. The organ, bass, and drums pump out a waltz while the guitar delivers a smooth melody in a 200 year old mold. Just too fun.

The Death Of Mr. Atom dotdotdot
Horror Feedback (Instrumental)

Howling fuzzy feedback and a little percussion, then thundering tom toms and more feedback, some organ dirginess, and long howling feedback. Like a scene from a Hammer film, "The Death Of Mr. Atom" oozes charm and horror.