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The Mind Expanders - What's Happening?dotdot
artworkAside from source production house, this sounds to be a completely different set of musicians from the other Alshire strangitude. Imagine if Ferranti and Teischer had cut their teeth in Silver Apples. OK, take your Dramamine and it will be fine. I think the clincher here is that I had to listen over an extended period because I found my mind kept wandering.
Picks: Pictures At A Psychedelic Art Exhibition, Sensory Overload

Track by Track Review

Love Syndrome dotdotdot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

Twerpy electro nonsense and sitar along with elitist faux intelligencia. That said, "Love Syndrome" is sort of hypnotic in a drug induced trance sort of way. It's very period tune in drop out exploitation. Tolerable.

Them From dotdot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

Theremin plays lead for this slow and sad-pretty melody, creating an other worldly scene... that is, until the old fart organ comes along to make it perfectly obvious that it's a studio session.

Pictures At A Psychedelic Art Exhibition dotdotdot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky's "Pictures At An Exhibition" is the subject of this semi-goofy instro - semi-goofy because there are places where it boasts serious reading, and places where it's just period tweaky. It surely must have been the inspiration for ELP's take. There's a lot in common, and this does predate it by several years.

Cul De Sac dotdotdot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

"Cul De Sac" is just gently moving easy listening piece that made a left turn off the main road, finding itself on a frontage, able to see normality, but only by squinting the eyes.

Downtown Trip dotdot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

Petula Clark's "Downtown" is a combination of cheesy middle of the road and tongue in cheek rock guitar. There are places where this brings a satisfaction, but most are shattered by tweakery and overbearing organ. The upper crust piano contrasts to the drug hazed arranging. It was almost a good idea.

Pulsation dotdot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

Moderately interesting, in a film score kind of way. An interesting rhythm runs under a song that's trying too hard to be weird and cool. It just sounds like a bunch of suits pretending their on a trip.

A Night On Bald Mountain dot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

Modeste Mussorgsky / Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "A Night On Bald Mountain," most notably featured in Fantasia, gets a dull airing from The Mind Expanders. Next.

Sensory Overload dotdotdot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

Again trying too hard, the Theremin is just weird, not cool. The song is interesting, but the Theremin's imitation of Captain Beefheart's "Electricity" is mostly ineffective.

Euphoria dotdot
Pop Psych (Instrumental)

Acoustic guitar, piano, and keys pretending to be an oboe play a forgettable number. It's sorta pleasant, and the intrusion of the fuzz guitar unsettles it, but that's a bout it. Studio session mindless, especially when the kazoo (or wax paper comb) comes in trying really hard to be psychedelic.

Pop Psych (Instrumental)

This is a just a slightly offbeat easy listening track. Fine in the background, but hard to focus on.