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The MiGs - S/Tdotdotdotdot
artworkThe Migs are the new band of Bernard Yin (Brazil 2001). The Migs present a tweaky Pink Floyd / Martin Denny / Yam Slam / Goes-To-Eleven meets "California Girls" at the armadillo races kinda sound that is both unique and immediately friendly. Bernard's perpetual grin is evident throughout. The use of instruments like the theremin, vibes, mariachi trumpet, and sounds from other equally disconnected genres blend into one unforgettable trip. It's exotic, rockin', and more fun than your Grandma let you have that summer you discovered life. Part instro, part vocal, all fun.
Picks: Jet Wash, Honolulu, Sake Bindings, Muchacha #3

Track by Track Review

Jet Wash dotdotdotdot
Surf Go-Go Weirdness (Instrumental)

Swashbuckling go-go inspired sub psychedelic weirdness, with a swimmingly thick and playful sound, and a howlingly cool keyboard. Quite immense in a watery way.

Honolulu dotdotdotdot
Polynesian Go-Go Weirdness (Instrumental)

Tweaky suave and breezy, this exotic piece oozes island scenery from it's guitar and cool bass line. The guitar is effected into near unidentifiability, yet retains the ringing tone of the coconut. All that's missing is reality.

Sake Bindings dotdotdotdot
Theremin Weirdness (Instrumental)

Thrash and slam, pump and groove, intense psycho daisies with theremin and imagination. This is structured much like some of Brazil 2001's more intense instros. Swirling assaultive energy and a melodic lead line. Excellent.

Muchacha #3 dotdotdotdot
Mariachi Exotica (Instrumental)

Big muchachas, a mariachi horn, vibes, and that inverted humor that Bernard Yin is so identifiable for... very suave and a little silly.