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The Mighty Gordini's - Burnout In Vegasdotdotdot
artworkFrom this little five song ep, you could only conclude that the Mighty Gordini's put on a high powered show. A pair of frat rock vocals titled "Go-Go Music" and "Shake My Iguana" accompany a pair of reverbed frat rock instros and one really good surf instro, which is easily worth the price.
Picks: Thunderbird Stomp, 52 Miles To Terror, Daytona Confidential

Track by Track Review

Thunderbird Stomp dotdotdot
Reverbed Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Ultra twang riveting surf pattern under a chord progression lead and whirling organ. It's more frat rock than surf in structure (i. e. melody free), but is has a great deal of energy and exuberance.

52 Miles To Terror dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Great lumbering surf and danger, a surf lead and rhythm, with a backgrounded organ. The melody riff is very cool, ominous without putting off. The drums are appropriately relentless and dark. The slow pace is part of the charm of this track.

Daytona Confidential dotdotdot
Reverbed Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Much like "Thunderbird Stomp," this is more a reverbed frat rocker than a surf song. The riff doesn't rise to the level of a melody, but again there's plenty of energy and drive. In its favor, it is reported recorded live.