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The Meteors - The Mutant Monkey and the Surfers From Zorchdotdot
artworkA great title, one tuff surf vocal, and a pair of so-so rockabilly instros grace this album. As the Meteors go, this is less interesting than most, though the grimy version of "Little Red Riding Hood" (Sam The Sham) is really cool.
Picks: Electro II - The Revenge, Oxygen Dog

Track by Track Review

Electro II - The Revenge dotdotdot
Psychobilly (Instrumental)

Swampy evil and nasty, this dark monster pummels the weak and prances with the strong. It's a fine riff based instro with flair and style. The grodie evil voice of Dr. Death is heard throughout. menacing.

Oxygen Dog dotdotdot
Psychobilly (Instrumental)

"Oxygen Dog" opens with a scary crash and scream. Then, from the shadows comes a rockin' little number with a thinner sound than much of this band's output. Melodic enough, but not very inspired.