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The Metalunas - Swingin' Planetdotdotdot
artworkWay past due, this is the new Metalunas album. Mark Brodie has moved towards the half way point between surf and space. Excellent crunchy reverb guitar in sparkling instrumental settings throughout. Great writing, fine playing, and a backyard party feel. Mark's great sense of melody and well structured arrangements shine through in every track. Unpretentious pure rock and roll energy.
Picks: Main Theme From "Galactic Frontier", Out Of Limits, Lost On The Moon, Metaluna Luau, Futuristic Twist, Trajectory of No Return, Terror In Space, Swingin' Planet, Venus A-Go-Go, Sounds From Uranus

Track by Track Review

Main Theme From "Galactic Frontier" dotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

Easing into space sounds, Mark quickly launches into a Euro melody and sound, using echo in lieu of reverb. The writing is playful and bouncy, with a touch of spaghetti western. Very good tune, warm and friendly, with a sense of adventure.

Out Of Limits dotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

The Metalunas do a respectably solid performance of the Mar-Ketts classic. It's warmer than most, smoother than many, and more entertaining than a straight cover usually is.

Lost On The Moon dotdotdotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

Moody and dramatic, this is a gorgeously rich tune. Damped and open guitar, rich chords, and a marvelous melody line. Completely solid, almost stunning in it's fluidity. Excellent track!

Metaluna Luau dotdotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

"Metaluna Luau" is a very tasteful tune, hand claps and all. Punctuated with band party chatter and a chanted "Meta-Luna" luau mantra, this has the kind of charm that the Beaver Patrol had, but with a lighter more playful feel. The bridge reminds me a bit of "Washington Square." An excellent track.

Futuristic Twist dotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

Pretty and playful, "Futuristic Twist" flows with near-liquid twang. Mark's tone is splendid, as is his sense of structure. Deluxe reverb.

Trajectory of No Return dotdotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

Hearkening back to the Beaver Patrol format, this is simply divine, double picked with a dribbled joy and warmth. Melodic riffology, and swimming whammy.

Terror In Space dotdotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

Interstellar sci-fi chatter introduces this slow and slightly dangerous track. The relentless forward motion of the tune, along with its sense of drama, convey a sense of inevitability. Moody and smooth, with tasty round tone.

Swingin' Planet dotdotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

Big crunch, smooth Spanish drama, playful start stop action, and a highly unusual idea. In some ways, you might expect this from the pen of Pete Curry or Steve Soest, not that it's derivative, but simply that there are few writers capable of pulling off this sort of unique piece.

Venus A-Go-Go dotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

Much more surf than go-go, yet perfectly go-go boot action-ready. An unusual tune, with a heavy bass line and a playfully adventurous guitar. Surf and mini skirts - an interesting blend.

Sounds From Uranus dotdotdot
Combo Space Surf (Instrumental)

Weirdness from inter planetary space, then they launch right into a solid version of the Revels's classic "Church Key." Not as driven as the Trashmen, not as thin as the Revels, the Metalunas give forth a rousing and warm interpretation.