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Messer Chups - Black Black Magicdotdotdotdot
artworkWith this album, Messer Chups deliver what I can only describe as a loungy cheesy version of Gershon Kinglsey's project Hot Butter. Now, this is way off the beaten path for Reverb Central, but I personally like most of what this goofball duo from St. Petersburg have recorded, and with the use of surf guitar in the arsenal, well it's just irresistible.
Picks: Agent Tremolo, Barbara Brylska Hotel, Cowboys, Indians And Their Parents, Learning To Control Myself, Cat Religion, Lo-Fi Woman, Messer Chups Of Love, I Am A Highly Paid Sperm Donor, Sentimental Bass, Import Export, Metaluna-4 No Answer, Finger I Vaseline, Auf Wiedersehen Show

Track by Track Review

Agent Tremolo dotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

A little flippant sound effects open "Agent Tremolo," a song based on a very simple circulating riff. The electro-noise and keyboards are very cheesy, adding to the sorta sci-fi thriller imagery.

Barbara Brylska Hotel dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Swishy electro sounds, delay-toying, and waves breaking provide the ambiance for this song. "Barbara Brylska Hotel" features a warm and friendly melody line and playful rhythm. The break is a sobber with - well - sobbing. Pretty cool track.

Cowboys, Indians And Their Parents dotdotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Theremin weirdness and a very cool cowboy beat run amok with a playful guitar line. "Cowboys, Indians And Their Parents" is intriguing, an affect driven by the juxtaposition of the western, tremolo shimmer, and the tweaky sci-fi stuff. Too much!

Learning To Control Myself dotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

A totally cheesy intro lures you into a swirly panoramic organ that's seductive. "Learning To Control Myself" is like bachelor pad gone haywire. You want to hate it, but then there's something so weird about it, like watching a sixties Euro drug movie. Totally strange!

Cat Religion dotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Reverb, surf, a syncopated beat, and throbbing tremolo. "Cat Religion" is like spies in the house of love in a Memphis asylum. Weird, disquieting, and yet cool.

Lo-Fi Woman dotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

The whirring of the theremin brings on organ and bachelor pad ethics. Surf, lounge, and quirkiness are bridged by cheese. Makes you grin.

Messer Chups Of Love dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Messer Chups take you down a namesake road to lurid after hours. Great guitar licks simply charm along side very cool drums and bass, and the call of the theremin. Spiffy!

I Am A Highly Paid Sperm Donor dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Dark, mechanized, dangerous, industrial, and compelling. The theremin accents the post modern dankness of the beat. Eventually, tremolo guitar brings relief. The juxtaposition of incongruent sounds works really well.

Sentimental Bass dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Jazz drums and upright bass, bent-string guitar, tweaky theremin, and more curiously weird little stuff than should be legal. "Sentimental Bass" is kinda spy, kinda bachelor jazz, and kinda watery. Quite unusual.

Import Export dotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Theremin and sort of industrial rhythms capture an updated version of the inverted cool of Gershon Kinglsey. Entirely playful.

Metaluna-4 No Answer dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Sci-fi spies meander the halls of the institution in search of a way out, finding only many ways further in. There are very cool drums and an array on intriguing sounds. While fairly minimal, "Metaluna-4 No Answer" is quite compelling.

Finger I Vaseline dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

"Finger I Vaseline" is a slippery, loungy, spy-like number with much more of a melody than most here. Also, more of a song than a soundscape, it is still just weird enough to be quirky. Quite nice.

Auf Wiedersehen Show dotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

A circulating riff in a relatively "normal" structure is accompanied by verbiage about being somewhat grumpy so to speak. Though not more repetitious than most, for some reason, "Auf Wiedersehen Show" is less engaging.