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Medieval - Kills dot dot dot
artwork OK, no surf here exactly, but there is a very dark metal cover of Peter Gunn for the slightly more brutal Davie Allan fans. It's really amazing how much stuff there is out there on the web about this band. Medieval were from Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Picks: B F H, Peter Gunn Theme

Track by Track Review

B F H dot dot dot
Heavy Metal (Instrumental)

"B F H" is a dark grinder with very heavy bass and pumped drums. It seems almost like a backtrack because the guitar line is just a chord progression. There's a cool stereo panned pickslide in the middle, and some shredding guitar too!

Peter Gunn Theme dot dot dot
Heavy Metal (Instrumental)

"Pedro Pistola" is all darkened and brutalized. This rendering is very strongly influenced by Davie Allan's eighties slammer. While it's murky and ugly, it's also compelling and very powerful. Great pickslides.