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Marrell's Marauders - I Wanna Do It c/w The Marauderdotdotdot
artworkMarrell's Marauders were from Madison, Wisconsin. They morphed their name from the Marauders after realizing how many other bands used the same name. In 1964, two years after forming, they cut "The Marauder" as the B-side to their "I Wanna Do It" single, a cover of Bobby Comstock and The Counts 1963 single. Marrell's Marauders changed their name to Robin and the Three Hoods, reissuing this single under the same catalog number, and again with "That's Tuff" on the flip on the Fan Jr. and Hollywood labels.
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The Marauder dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"The Marauder" is a riffy fast and infectious Midwest charmer with tribal drums and warm guitar tone not unlike tracks from the Furys. A raspy sax fills out the break with raging guitar glissandos underneath. Pretty tuff.