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David Marks and the Marksmen - The Sheriff Of Noddingham b/w Kustom Kar Showdotdotdotdot
artworkSundazed: "When David Marks left the Beach Boys in 1963 with surf music still pounding in his veins, he formed David Marks and the Marksmen and cut a pair of cowabunga classics. With enough sizzling guitar 'n reverb to swamp Pacific Ocean Park, "The Sheriff Of Noddingham" has remained unreleased until now, while the ultra-rare "Kustom Kar Show" spotlights that cutie-pie trio the Honeys on backing whoops and handclaps--proof positive that David Marks hits the bull's-eye every time!"

"Kustom Kar Show" is the vocal. Its flip side was "Cruisin'."
Picks: The Sheriff Of Noddingham

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The Sheriff Of Noddingham dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

David Marks called this his "cheap imitation of Dick Dale." Firebrand double picked peon to the King of the Surf Guitar. Lot's of fast picking, but little melody. It's pretty fun and spunky. "The Sheriff Of Noddingham" is first released on the Sindazed label, but it's been bootlegged before.