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Phil Manzanera - Diamond Headdotdotdotdot
artworkOne of the great bands of the late seventies glam rock segment of the progressive scene was Roxy Music. Their extraordinarily talented lead guitarist Phil Manzanera had an ear and writing hand for melodic seaworthy music. He recorded a few albums under his own name, supported by an array of like-talented musicians of note. This CD includes support work from Brian Eno, John Wetton, Paul Thompson, Andy McKay, Ian McDonald, and Eddie Jobson. Many of these musicians were band mates in Roxy Music and/or Manzanera's splendid touring band 801. The vocal tracks are wonderfully Italian and fun, but it is the spacie visual instrumentals that retain their listenability after all these years, and some of those could well be surfed to the hilt, having appropriate melody structures and hinting of "those" sounds.
Picks: Diamond Head, The Flex, East Of Echo, Lagrima

Track by Track Review

Diamond Head dotdotdotdot
Prog Surf (Instrumental)

Almost watery in it's instrumentation, this could well be a South Seas kinda surf tune. It's haunting sounds and windswept melody are beautiful, and long for a long reverbed guitar sound, or even a Polynesian lap steel sound. This is a gorgeous song.

The Flex dotdotdot
Prog Surf (Instrumental)

This is a rock based funky prog rock tune, but could easily be reverberated into conformity with the genre. It's blues based melody and choppy rhythm keyboard are naturals for the transition, while it's wailing sax is also "in the neighborhood."

East Of Echo dotdotdotdot
Prog Surf (Instrumental)

What a splendid feedback based track. It's fluid sounds are so liquid, they seem to swirl around like the sounds of a wave breaking overhead when you are submerged. It's melodic simplicity and flow gives way to a funky bass progression that could well spiff up the middle of a surf instro.

Lagrima dotdotdot
Prog Surf (Instrumental)

This has a backwards air about it. It is not unlike the sort of thing Jim Thomas (Mermen) uses to introduce some of his poundier pieces. It haunts and spills into your dreams. The version from 801 Live is even better!