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Harvey Mandel - Planetary Warriordotdotdot
artworkIn the post garage-psych revolution days of '68 and '69, Harvey Mandel cut some very suave and moody instros while signed to Smash-Mercury. His tracks were produced by Dave "Voco" Kesh. His sound was heavily blues and jazz influenced. This 1997 album is a much heavier, more commercial rock noodler sound than those precious early sessions. I won't go into the details of all the tracks, since the CD generally has no baring on surf, and I was not particularly impressed either. What is notable is the interesting arrangement of Link Wray's Rumble, which seems an odd choice for the disc.
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Rumble dotdotdot
Surf Pop Rock (Instrumental)

Link Wray's lumbering classic, is sustained to the nth degree, and played with high compliance reverence. The guitar effects are sorta swirly garage, giving it a slightly haunted neo-metal quality, without detracting from the power. There are some noodly guitar bits, but mostly, this is credible and enjoyable left turn on the Link Turnpike. Like an updated and slightly subdued Uli Roth period Scorpions interpretation might have been.