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Mal and the Longboarders - The Other Sidedotdotdotdot
artworkThis is a 4th album from Mal and the Longboarders. They have moved mostly into vocals about surfing and the surf lifestyle, which are done with solid arrangements and great playing. Their class instrumental sound backs up excellent vocals. This disc also rewards us with two fine instrumentals.
Picks: Day At The Beach, Mystery Bay

Track by Track Review

Day At The Beach dotdotdotdot

Lovely slow silky playing with haunting ambient reverb portray a sad but cleansing image of mist on a lagoon. The slide guitar skews notes like they are liquid. The keys present orchestral swoon while the bass extends the mood. Gentle drums that are deceptively restrained complete the excellent arrangement. Spooky, romantic, and spatial.

Mystery Bay dotdotdotdot

Delicate tremolo shimmer and bass slither compliment rim snare and sub-funk rhythm coolness. A bit of wah wah and a softly enticing riff finish off this simple and well arranged track. Midway through, the power and drums pick up for a verse before the whole tacks drops into a much more subtle segment that the moody bass dominates, before rising back into a blend of rock and funk. The ample changes keep "Mystery Bay" fresh and interesting throughout.