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The Mag Seven - Cotton Needle Sessionsdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is very very good. It's tangential to surf mostly, but just a bit of relaxation of your border guard will allow you to get into this superb disc. Jazz, surf, and blue color everywhere. Amazing musicianship.
Picks: Lahaina, Does This Rag Smell Like Chloroform?, A1A, Rise Of The Levis, Trim, Sailor Jerry's Requiem, Ether Cheeks, You Don't Hire Evel Knievel To Ride A Tricycle, Deacon Browns, Panty Dropper

Track by Track Review

Lahaina dotdotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

"Lahaina" is a hauntingly lovely number with a jazz underbelly and cool moody sound. Long sustain and flowing bass against delicate rim shot drums. Very soothing!

Does This Rag Smell Like Chloroform? dotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

"Does This Rag Smell Like Chloroform?" is kinda cool cat lumbering, with tremolo guitar and very deliberate pacing. Precision is required at this pace. As more instruments come in, it takes on an MJQ after midnight on the islands flavor.

A1A dotdotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

On the dissonant side, but more moody and rainy day like. "A1A" has a surfable melody, but is on the jazz side of the street. The drums are precise and very cool.

Rise Of The Levis dotdotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

Moody low down bass and drums run beneath blue jazz guitar in this lumbering number. Its slow pace is part of its charm, if almost morose moodiness is charming. Quite original.

Trim dotdotdotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

"Trim" is more like a rock song filtered through Henry Mancini's brain than others here. Spy tremolo and danger, moody cool tone, and superb drums. The bass is just wonderful. This is all-around cool!

Sailor Jerry's Requiem dotdotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

"Sailor Jerry's Requiem" is blue with rain. Long sustain and gentle string bending slightly warble the sound for a just-shy-of-demented sound. It will grow on you.

Ether Cheeks dotdotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

This is a fun number with a very interesting guitar line, which is offset by the drums. Mid tempo cool, delicate, and fluid throughout.

You Don't Hire Evel Knievel To Ride A Tricycle dotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

"You Don't Hire Evel Knievel To Ride A Tricycle" is a funny title for this song. It's not biker like at all, nor is it childlike. Then again, the giant fuzz is kind of like a swampy motorcycle paean.

Deacon Browns dotdotdotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

With a sort of Stax-Volt guitar riff and dark double picked surf, "Deacon Browns" is dangerous and aqua-evil. It's dissonant sound creates an undead surfer image. Very cool!

Panty Dropper dotdotdotdot
Blue Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

With just a hint of "Lady Of Spain," this is sultry in a down and dirty kind of way. Tremolo, gutty rhythm, dark bass, and relentlessly cool drums. Quite unusual.