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MAD 3 - Devil Fuzzdotdotdotdot
artworkThis early seven inch from MAD 3 is a splendid use of vinyl! Big, dark, fun, and hard charging.
Picks: Devil Men, Eddie's Holiday

Track by Track Review

Devil Men dotdotdot
Surf Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"Devil Men" rises from a murky dungeon via bells and feedback through a scream, and then, giant metal madness. This is like Ozzy in the garage! Big, dark, and dangerous!

Eddie's Holiday dotdotdotdot
Surf Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

Loud surf guitar and a rockabilly beat wham the crud out of a classic instro riff. This is an infectious track with no shortage of spunk! "Eddie's Holiday" is a really cool surfish instrumental that I expected to be Christmassy or Halloweeny 'cuz of the title, but it wasn't. It's got a cool melody, and, given The MAD 3 propensity for fuzzy punky sounds, it's recorded slightly better than their other tracks, or maybe it's just the cleaner amplification. Anyway, this is definitely worth a shekel or two.