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The Mad 3 - The Space Legenddotdotdot
artworkCan you spell harsh? Fingernails on the blackboard feedback, square wave fuzz, and throbbing bass & drums. Japan's Mad 3 test the limits of your ears. A 1995 single, with guest Tow Yang (Space Combo) on sax.
Picks: Invader, Stampede

Track by Track Review

Invader dotdotdotdot
Garage Fuzz (Instrumental)

A violently intense none melodic jam of fuzz drenched guitar and throbbing bass. Howling feedback, evil tones, and twisted notes. Egads, I love it!

Stampede dotdotdotdot
Garage Fuzz (Instrumental)

The rockabilly classic, shredded through a fuzz box and echoplex, and an intensely whammied chord jam. Yikes! It'll bring on dementia.