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The Mad 3 - Green Hornetdotdotdot
artworkWow... what a change from their CD. Cleaner, though if you haven't heard the CD, you'll say "what?" Like the Torpedoeson acid, or Davie Allan at double speed.
Picks: Green Hornet, Too Cool To Die

Track by Track Review

Green Hornet dotdotdotdot
Fuzzorama Beehive Terror (Instrumental)

Funny intro here... The track opens with bad MOR trumpet and screams of pain, then vinyl skipping across the record, and - WHAM - ripping Torpedoes-like delivery of super fast, shredding fuzzy guitar with excerpts of Flight Of The Bumble Bee. Pretty cool.

Too Cool To Die dotdotdot
Cool For Cats Fuzz (Instrumental)

Loungie fuzz weirdness, quirky cool, harmonics, and major guitar noise. Mid tempo cool-for-cats strangeness throughout.