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The Mad 3 - Jack The Violencedotdotdot
artworkI had heard a few raw garage-surf tracks from these folks before, on compilations and a single. Then, this entire CD appeared. The Mad 3 are like a garage tribute to Davie Allan & the Arrows. This is inventive derivative gone a step farther, super fuzz Japanese in your face neighborhood disturbance noise, meant in the most complimentary way. Not hardly a surf note here, but what a raw instro monster!
Picks: Jack The Violence, Space Jetter, Green Hornet, Fire Ball, Mad Viker, Q, The Wedge, Detroit U.F.O., Fuzz Machine, Tornado Gang, Shakin' All Over, King Pyramid, Baranagi

Track by Track Review

Jack The Violence dotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

Opens with panting and footsteps down an alley, then a blood curdling scream, and into the song. The mix is very strange, with the band mono in the center, and the drums in mono on the right and again in mono slightly delayed on the left (or vice versa). It gets in the way of the track. As for the music, it's intense in a garage Hendrix sort of way.

Space Jetter dotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

A very grody number again mixed very oddly with the guitar left, bass center, and drums right. Are these amateur ramblings or creative failures?

Green Hornet dotdotdotdot
Fuzzorama Beehive Terror (Instrumental)

Funny intro here... The track opens with bad MOR trumpet and screams of pain, then vinyl skipping across the record, and - WHAM - ripping Torpedoes-like delivery of super fast, shredding fuzzy guitar with excerpts of Flight Of The Bumble Bee. Pretty cool.

Fire Ball dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

Among the highlights here, a cowboy surf roundup tune of raw energy, like a fuzzier version of the Torpedoes' "Happy Song" gone cactus.

Mad Viker dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"Mad Viker" (Mad Biker?) goes from biker sounds into feedback fuzz. Very dirty sound and quite cool. Not a Davie Allan style biker tune.

Q dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

On the other hand, "Q" is a big fuzz Davie Allan-ish tune a la "Open Throttle." Monstrous.

The Wedge dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

Dick Dale's number all fuzzed out and VERY raw. Think Dick on Dirt. Power and distortion, and manic shredding.

Detroit U.F.O. dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"Detroit U.F.O." is not just modeled after Davie Allan, it's a Davie Allan tune. Big, powerful, homage paid, and WOW!!!

Fuzz Machine dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"Fuzz Machine" ...the title says it all! Intense, distorted, fascinating, fingernails on the blackboard squarewave...

Tornado Gang dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"Tornado Gang" is a distorto bass and distorto reverbo guitar thing with a hooky almost TV theme structure that could have been an Andy Griffith logo. Too cool.

Shakin' All Over dotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"Shakin' All Over" is simply an instro monster. I never thought about someone doing this Johnny Kidd & the Pirates song instrumentally... how naturally it fits!

King Pyramid dotdotdotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"King Pyramid" is grungy and huge with twisted sound, and without redeeming social value - i.e. totally garage rippin'.

Baranagi dotdotdot
Biker Fuzz (Instrumental)

"Baranagi" is ugly with chanting monk voices of the underworld. What an evil track. Dark, grating, and fuzz laden.