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Jerry MacNeish - Chief Whoopin-Koff c/w Panic Buttondotdotdot
artworkSingle release from "Jerry MacNeish plays the Fireballs." These sides were cut in November and December, 1985. Jerry MacNeish plays all of the instruments.
Picks: Chief Whoopin-Koff, Panic Button

Track by Track Review

Chief Whoopin-Koff dotdotdot
Fireballs Guitar (Instrumental)

This is pretty close to the original, but has less charm, and more edge. Twango deluxe.

Panic Button dotdotdot
Fireballs Guitar (Instrumental)

Accurate, clean, and a labor of love. Plucky, light weight, fifties guitar fluff. It's a song begging for a gutsy delivery. This performance is precise, and very listenable.