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Arthur Lyman - Sonic Sixtiesdotdotdot
Arthur Lyman was Martin Denny's original vibes player, and was responsible for much of the genesis of that exotica sound. He looked around one day and said hey, I can do this and went out on his own cloning the Martin Denny sound and getting a hit with "Yellow Bird." So, the fifties faded, and the sixties demanded a few changes. Just like those chameleon Ventures with no sound of their own, Lyman adapted. Unlike the Ventures, Lyman didn't adapt his sound, just his material. He covered everybody else's hits. So, here he does the single most familiar post surf era quasi surf tune in the most unusual way. This will NOT make you dance in your chair, but it will make you recall the first time you heard "Wipe Out" in the elevator or supermarket.
Picks: Hawaii Five-0

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Hawaii Five-0 dotdotdot
Exotica (Instrumental)

Why you ask? Simple. This is the weirdest version of "HV0" I've ever heard. It's just like you'd think... real s-l-o-w with vibes and island atmosphere and cheese on every table. A real luau snoozer. Gawd... I wonder If John Blair has heard this?